Handheld Contact API

Sync more data, more frequently, on more devices without costing you more.
Handheld Contact API is our newest mobile client, which was launched commerically on March 30th of 2020, that can sync directly to the master Act! database for faster updates of more data, across more devices at no extra cost.
This is the update our customers have been waiting for!
  • Wireless syncing of contacts, calendars, task lists, opportunities, notes & histories
  • Fast setup with no computer software to install or configure
  • No Windows Console needed, syncs directly with master database using the Act! WebAPI
  • No contact limit
  • Sync with multiple devices per account
  • New Dashboard
  • Modern new look
The first release of Handheld Contact API was for IOS users in march 2020, and the Android version was released in October the same year. All Handheld Contact API users will require a current Act! subscription to use the WebAPI, and be assigned "WebAPI" permission in the Define Users section of their database. Please consult your Act! Administrator on this.

See our quick video walk through of the new setup process HERE.

As you can tell from the above video, minimal setup is required as users simply enter their database credentials & location, specify the group they wish to sync to, as well as the fields they want included, and the syncing begins immediately. Some features like quoting and mobile mapping will be added over time with subsequent updates. No more waiting for the HHC Console as long queues could lead to delays in updates. Handheld Contact API waits in line for no one, as all users & all devices get their updates directly from the source, immediately.







Like with all new technology, there are some features that will evolve over time as the Act! WebAPI matures & develops, and our obligation with this subscription service is to actively shrink the feature gap as quickly as possible. That said, some things are not within our control, and users should take note that the API provides limited configurable controls over who gets what data on their devices. While we've implemented syncing to groups, we cannot enforce which group a users selects to sync with. The absence of the Handheld Contact Console does simply setup, but it also limits some of the centralized security Administrators have long enjoyed. If this remains a priority for your organization, we recommend continued use of our legacy version.

The following is a feature comparison of the three versions of Handled Contact we offer.

Handheld Contact Version Comparison Chart

logo pricelist 2

logo pricelist 3

logo pricelist 4

Supports more than one device per account
Supports mapping, quoting, advanced searches, accounting integration, mail merge, and more
Supports Contact Undelete
Requires Windows Console
Available for both Android and iOS users.
Total number of Act! contacts that can be synced to device (in addition to Activities, Opportunities, Secondary Contacts, Notes, and Histories)
Syncs directly with database for faster, more frequent updates of more data
Unlimited Wireless syncing
Changes to calendar are written immediately to Act! database when online
Email or SMS one or more contacts while recording History that writes back to Act!
E-mail support and self-service knowledge base included
Sync up to 50 custom fields
Keyword searches for fast contact lookups
Manage ACT! data from HHC on mobile device without WiFi or network internet access
Picture Transfer
Enhanced Opportunity management
Syncs securely using 128-bit encryption
Adds another layer of security to help protect your Act! data from unauthorized access.
HHC admin control application lock, password attempts, and wipe all local HHC data.
HHC admins enjoy better control over Secure+ users and improved notifications.
Local HHC data on the device is encrypted.

per year/user

per yr/user/device

per yr/user/device

= Included
= Partially Included
= Excluded

Handheld Contact API - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I get prompted by HHC when I have 5+ more contacts in the Act! group I sync with?

The WebAPI that HHC syncs with cannot detect if a contact has been added dynamically to a group, only if that same contact record is edited in anyway. To combat this, we made HHC check the quantity of contacts in a group, and its 5+ more than the device, it will prompt to resend all contacts (contacts only). Since this process is so blazingly fast, 10K records might take 2-3 minutes only