20 February 2017

With the addition of two new developers to our Handheld Contact team, we've stepped up the pace of our development road map. Recently we circulated a survey to all Handheld Contact subscribers soliciting their feedback on the features they were looking for in HHC, and we were gratified by how many reflected the direction we were already heading.
Here is a short list of new features scheduled for release in February and March.

  • HHC Secure+: This feature is an upgrade to the regular HHC subscription, and includes Hipaa compliant security features for industries with higher security needs.
  • HHC+: This feature is an upgrade to the regular HHC to allow you to add 15K or 30K more contacts to your syncing.
  • Email Invitations: Create an email invitation as you schedule an activity in HHC, just like you would with Act!. Simply click a checkbox to deliver the invitation as you save the activity.
  • Enhanced Business Card Scanning: Building upon our previous "Importer" feature from last year, the enhanced business card scanning feature allows you to use 3rd party programs like BCR or Camcard to scan directly into HHC, and by extension into Act!.
  • Monthly Task Filtering: While viewing your tasks, you'll be able to filter by the current month
  • 2000 Characters for Histories, Notes, and Activities: For those that need to view longer histories or notes within HHC, we'll soon support synching up to 2000 chracters
  • IOS Background Synching: Finally have HHC sync your Act! data in the background on your IOS device, making access to your data when you launch HHC even faster (requires IOS9 or higher)
  • Ability to set default landing page
  • When scheduling an Activity, the "schedule with" contact will immediately go to "My Record", making deselecting it faster
  • HHC Calendar exporting:  Export HHC activities to native calendar on mobile device to provide extra scheduling flexibility
  • Call display: Have call display access HHC contact data without having to export data to native contact list.
  • Scheduling preferences: Create scheduling defaults for faster scheduling of repeat activities
  • Daily notifications: Never miss another birthday or anniversary again with daily notifications of annual events in HHC.
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