15 February 2017

HHC Secure+

Handheld Contact is excited to announce the upcoming release of our newest mobile platform called “HHC Secure+”, which is aimed at delivering the mobile power of Handheld Contact with additional security features for maximum data protection.

HHC Secure+ for Complete Data Protection
The standard Handheld Contact service focuses on providing an unrivaled mobile Act! experience at a great price with strong but basic security features that make it ideal for most businesses.  For businesses that require advanced security features, HHC Secure+ provides more control over how Handheld Contact behaves on mobile devices—such as forcing user sign-in and disable after too many failed sign-in attempts—as well as an additional layer of encryption.

Here is a list of some of the security enhancements of HHC Secure+:

  • User Authentication: Some users protect their mobile device with a password while others may not. HHC Secure+ forces end-users to sign-in to Handheld Contact on their smartphone or tablet to use the mobile app so access is limited to authenticated Act! users.
  • App Lock: With HHC Secure+ “App Lock”, the Handheld Contact mobile app on a user's smartphone or tablet can be configured to automatically lock—such as when the device goes into standby or after a specified time—requiring user authentication to unlock.
  • App Disable: HHC Secure+ “App Disable” can be configured to disable the Handheld Contact mobile app after too many failed sign-in attempts, eliminating the risk of an unauthorized user guessing credentials and gaining access. Once App Lock has activated, access to Handheld Contact on the mobile device can only be restored by accessing the Handheld Contact computer application.
  • Automatic Data Wipe: For absolute data protection, HHC Secure+ “Automatic Data Wipe” will destroy all local Act! data stored on the user's mobile device if an unauthorized user is unable to successfully sign-in to the Handheld Contact mobile app after too many failed attempts.
  • Mobile Device Encryption: HHC Secure+ encrypts all local data stored on the user's smartphone or tablet preventing unauthorized access to locally stored Act! data if the device falls into the wrong hands.  All data transferred through wireless syncing is also encrypted to keep Act! data safe on insecure Internet connections, such as a public Wi-Fi.
  • Per-User Customization with HHC Secure+: Every user is unique, which is why HHC Secure+ features can be customized differently (or the same) for each user. All features are convenient to manage from the Handheld Contact computer application.
  • Central Management: Securely manage all Handheld Contact users from the Handheld Contact computer application that is installed safely within your business network environment. All Handheld Contact and HHC Secure+ settings are customizable in one, central location.
  • Safe Approach to Server Access: Installing the Handheld Contact computer application is required to enable mobile access and it securely handles all outside communication, minimizing risk. Other mobile services require specific technical skills and rely on complicated server configurations that open up access and may leave your network vulnerable.

Despite the significant improvement in security features, Handheld Contact will only be selling this upgrade service at $129.95 per year/per device. A perfect economical solution for those that require enhanced security.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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