12 September 2017

One of the most exciting new features of Handheld Contact v3 for Android and v7 for IOS is the ability to import contacts from your devices native address book. Handheld Contact developed this new "importer" feature to allow users to take contacts they just recently scanned with an application like CamCard or BCR.

The process is simple.

  1. Use a business card reader application of your choice - the two we mentioned above have worked well in our testing
  2. After that is complete, launch Handheld Contact, and from your Home screen, click "Import" in IOS, and in Android, click Contacts, and then "Import Contacts" from the upper right pull-down menu
  3. This will launch a filtered view of your mobile address book with IOS devices, showing only the contacts created in the last week in descending order. Android users will see the whole list of local contacts
  4. IOS users can simply select the top contact, or a multi-selections of contacts, and then click "Next", and your select contact(s) will instantly be imported into HHC, and by extension Act! when you sync.
  5. For Android users, scroll down to your imported contact(s), select, and then click "Import" at the upper right.

It's that easy.

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