28 March 2021

We’re changing our support plans to fit everyone’s budget

Handheld Contact has always supported our customers through the trial periods for free, as well as offering free digital support in the form of email or knowledge base articles. However, for those requiring ongoing hands-on support that includes remote desktop sharing, we've historically had only one support plan for $120/year/user called MobileCare. This model has been in place for over a decade, and has generally worked well for those needing it.

Recently, though, the management team at Handheld Contact decided that with all the new product offerings coming in the next few weeks, now was the time to tweak our support plans to better fit how people were subscribing to our products.

Starting April 5th we’ll be offering a significant discount for those bundling support with their Handheld Contact subscription at time of renewal, and we’ll be calling this new plan “HHC Subscription Plus”. The old MobileCare will still be available as an ad hoc plan, but we feel bundling subscription with support is a better customer experience, and should be more affordable.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. HHC Subscription Plus: Handheld Contact subscribers will now be able to renew one plan called “HHC Subscription Plus”, and receive Handheld Contact & Technical Support at one low cost of only $12/month/user (billed annually). This upgraded plan will be available equally to Classic or API subscribers, and the normal service conditions of MobileCare will apply.
    This combined plan represents a 46% savings compared to purchasing MobileCare separately.
    Those on MobileCare at time of their renewal can still subscribe to this new bundled plan, but no prorated refund can be offered. With a 46% discount, we feel it won't take long before these costs are recovered, and the savings moving forward will be more than worth the switch.

  2. MobileCare (purchased separate from Subscription): This tried & true support plan is the same as the current MobileCare, and will remain at $10/month (billed annually). MobileCare is ideal for those that either like to purchase support plans when they need it, or for those that are part of a team.
    Unlike HHC Subscription Plus, MobileCare allows a team to get technical support for all their users, provided it goes through one person as the primary account contact.

This primary contact could call in on behalf of all members of their team (teams would be determined by either a common email domain, or having all the subscriptions managed under one account).

We think these changes will come as welcome news to people already subscribing to MobileCare because it will cost them only $2 more per month to get their Handheld Contact subscription.

Lot's more changes ahead
In the coming weeks and months we’ll be releasing many new Handheld Contact products, including Handheld Contact for Mac and Handheld Contact K-API (using our own proprietary API), and we thought our support plans should be re-modelled to support these new offerings better.

Stay tuned for more details to come, but we’re excited to improve the features and value of our product and support plans, while delivering the quality our customers have come to expect.

Please note:
Handheld Contact can only provide technical support for HHC API once an API connection is established, which can be verified by http://testapi.kqc.ca. If this online utility confirms an API connection, our support staff can provide technical assistance. If the API utility suggests either the API credentials are invalid or the API is unreachable, this becomes an Act! support issue - which is not included with MobileCare. Haandheld Contact strongly recommends hosting with a certified Act! Hosting provider, a number of which now offer Act! Pro hosting.

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