23 December 2020

In late March of this year we released the first version of Handheld Contact API for IOS, and then later in October we did the same for Android. These first releases were a huge leap forward in terms of supporting more data on more devices with more frequent updates from Act!. Both versions of Handheld Contact API synched directly with the master Act! database, and featured a modern new look. With all the technology upgrades, though, there was still a significant feature gap between our more mature Handheld Contact Classic and the new HHC API.

Well we're happy to announce that we've just completed updates to both IOS and Android versions of Handheld Contact API that close those feature gaps, and these build have just entered into beta testing. If testing goes well, we expect to release both in mid January. Here is a list of Classic features we've added to API, along with a few new ones we think you'll like.

5 716x487px hhc 1New features expected in January for Handheld Contact API:

  • Opportunity Management *
  • Activity discrepancy check for download all option +
  • Act! CRM Saas compatibility +
  • Favourites & Annual events +
  • Searches * & Keyword Searches +
  • Tagging & Sharing contacts +
  • Import contacts from device *
  • Export calendar to device *
  • Invites from activities +
  • Quotes/Invoices *
  • Profile pictures +
  • Mobile Mapping *
  • Alerts for Tasks and Opportunities*
  • Color code for Activity +

* Premium features only
+ Basic feature available in all HHC API products

As this is a subscription, we'll continue to add features to our products to ensure our customers enjoy the best mobile experience with Act!. You'll note the list above also has either and * or a + sign beside it, indicating whether the new feature is a Basic or Premium features (the latter including both). As mentioned in a separate announcement, Handheld Contact will soon be feature-gated to include Basic features only, and will be discounted almost 40% off the regular price. Some of these new features will be included in the Basic version.

Please note:
Handheld Contact Basic version is only available in our API product line, and is not available with a Classic subscription. Accordinly, only current Act! users with an active subscription (and Web API permissions) are eligible to use Handheld Contact API and Basic, as they both use the Act! Web API, which is a subscription benefit. To learn more about the Web API, please visit www.keystroke.ca/connections, and to see a detailed breakdown of the feature comparisons between all our paid Handheld Contact products, please click HERE

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