4 juillet 2023

Summer is upon us, and no one wants to be tethered to their desk in this beautiful weather. The new Handheld Contact Classic gives you your freedom back! Travel to the cottage or camp in the woods, and your business-critical business data travels with you even without the Internet. It's the perfect summer companion!

Handheld Contact has been the #1 mobile solution for Act! since 2003 because it helps Act! users get the most from their CRM. Use the new & improved HHC to plan your day, manage your pipeline, and connect with your contacts from anywhere. 

While we've added tons of new features to Handheld Contact Classic in recent years, these are just a few of the high-level tasks you can do with HHC while away from the office:

  • Call, email, or SMS your contacts, and have the History of that connection sync back to Act!
  • Never miss an appointment because you have all your activities at your fingertips with task lists, and three separate calendar views
  • Stay on top of sales pipeline data and the ability to quote from your phone
  • Complete merge emails from your mobile device to alert customers of important time-sensitive notices.
  • Review critical accounting information with Qsales integration
  • And easily find one or more contacts on your phone, even when offline

And now we're going to make breaking free from the office even easier by offering 20% off this month for all new & returning Handheld Contact Classic subscriptions. That's right, we're inviting everyone without a current HHC account to give the new Handheld Contact Classic a try, and we'll give them a 20% discount off their first subscription if they buy this month. And this includes Act! users who only have "Browse" permissions! 

Yes, there are lots of new features to mention, but with this kind of discount, we'd rather you just take the 14-day free trial and let HHC sell itself. And yes, the support bundle for only $144 is also available with the same discount.

  • To be eligible for the 20% discount, the HHC subscriptions must be for new and returning accounts (not renewals), and must be paid for during July 2023. 
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