6 février 2022

Since we took over Handheld Contact in late 2016, we've tried many things to improve our service - some have worked, and some haven't.

While we're proud of the feature expansion into Opportunities, Quoting, HHC Recover, Mapping, Searches, and others, we know we committed some unforced errors in the IOS updates in the summer of 2017. Similarly, the launch of our API product line introduced an improved service that synced more data faster across multiple devices but was sadly launched less than two weeks after the pandemic started. That investment would pay off in time, but it was a reminder to never give up trying. Some things will work, and some won't, but it's important to always test and measure, keeping the stuff that works, and discarding what doesn't.

It's with this in mind that the management team at Handheld Contact has decided to discontinue our Lite and Basic product lines. We loved the idea of offering value tiers to both our API and Classic services, but the reality is they just were not being used enough to keep supporting them. Similarly, we thought a free tier would serve as a nice lead generation source for people looking to keep their Act! address books on their mobile devices, but this Lite tier proved to have limited appeal, as well. 

To make matters worse, many customers complained about the plethora of choices confusing them pre-purchase, which was obviously the opposite of our intention. So, the lesson has been learned. Sometimes less is more, so we're trimming our mobile services down to one API product, and two Classic products (Standard & Secure +).

The timing for the sunsetting of these services is April 3rd. Any current Basic subscribers will be able to renew their plans in 2023 and be eligible to receive a one-year upgrade to the top tier for no extra charge. After that term, the normal rates would apply. Any Lite subscribers can keep using the service they have installed, but it'll be removed from the two mobile stores - Google Play and the App Store as of the end of March.

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