06 May 2018
We are very excited to announce the release of HHC 8.0, the latest iOS build for Handheld Contact. HHC 8.0 ushers in a new era for Act! mobility as it delivers support for Opportunities and Secondary Contacts, as well as more configurable options for Histories and Notes. 

You asked, and we listened. 

HHC 8.0 is the most “Act-like” user experience for mobility, with the full power of your favourite CRM at your fingertips. 

The new features include:

  • Sales Opportunities: As you are meeting with your customer you can edit, create and update your Sales Opportunities 
  • Secondary Contacts: Not only can you access your secondary contact you can also promote them to a full contact with the click of the button, just like Act!.
  • Auto Sync: The HHC app initiates a sync based on the user sync schedule (this will work as long as the app is in foreground, and will work when app is in background for a limited time).
  • Export Calendar: With HHC 8.0 you can now export your Act activities right to your native iOS and Android calendars.
  • Device Data Summary:  See exactly how many Contacts, Activities, Notes, Histories, Opportunities and Secondary Contact there are in Handheld Contact
  • User Statistics: Have you ever wondered if your syncing is up to date?  With a click of a button users can now see the status of their Handheld Contact syncs, including the latest data sent and received.
  • Separation of Notes & Histories: HHC now has separate tabs for both notes and histories so you can sync and access the data that you rely on
  • Misc.: Scroll Tab on keyword search and Contact detail page


  • Keyword search improvements 
  • Sync improvements
  • Fix for new activity edits not reaching to ACT
  • Secure plus

Take the time to check out this new update and experience the power of Handheld Contact like never before. 

On Wednesday, March 21st at 2PM EST we’ll be giving demos on both the setup on the device and on the Handheld Contact console, so be sure to click HERE to register to join us.

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