17 January 2019

Handheld Contact is pleased to announce three separate releases today - separate builds for both Android and IOS, and an update to our Windows Console, all of which represent the biggest across the board upgrade to our subscription offerings in over a year.

These changes are as follows:

Handheld Contact Windows Console - version

  • Fixed bug affecting French users who were unable to open the application after some Windows updates
  • Fixed bug with validation of selected history types
  • Fixed bug with opportunities filter
  • Fixed bug where promoted secondary contact was sent with wrong update type


Handheld Contact for Android version

  • NEW: Added ability to add profile pictures to contacts
  • NEW: Added Mobile mapping feature
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Handheld Contact for IOS version 8.3.1

  • NEW: Added ability to add pictures to contacts
  • NEW: Added Mobile mapping feature
  • NEW: Enhanced User Interface
  • Minor fixes and improvements

If you want to take a look at the new features check out our video of the live demo on youtube:  https://youtu.be/doTIVH2CtKA

Here is a link to the knowledge base article that show you how the mobile mapping works: http://support.handheldcontact.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/170/0/how-does-mobile-mapping-work

And yes, the upgrades are seamless and do not require a resend of all data! Enjoy the new features!

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