07 October 2016

Keystroke has done it again!

We are delighted to announce that, effective immediately, the team at Handheld Contact have partnered with us to combine the resources of the largest Act! reseller & support team in the world with the reach of the best mobile solution for Act! anywhere. Only three months after Contactik (the Canadian French distributor of Act!) joined forces with Keystroke.ca to become the single Master Distributor of Act! in Canada, and the runaway sales leader of Act! worldwide, Keystroke has dramatically expanded their team once again.

The Act! Community has long known that Handheld Contact is the #1 mobile solution for Act! users, but now Handheld Contact has the combined resources of our new team to enhance the features and expand the reach of this superb mobile solution.

Some of the changes are immediate, like the new logo to the right, and the fresh coat of orange paint on the www.handheldcontact.com website. To maintain our ongoing "white labelled" service to our Handheld Contact resellers worldwide, very little mentioning of the Keystroke management will be published on that site. The user experience in general should remain the same for most, as account management & support staff and tools will remain in place.

Short Term Changes 
While much remains the same, even more will be changing with the product in both the short & long term. Handheld Contact users will be pleased to learn they will not have to wait long for the first batch of new features either. Keystroke will be releasing a new update to Handheld Contact before the November Act! Conference that should include the following enhancements:

  • A new Home screen for easy access to all Handheld Contact features (Android & Blackberry users right away, and IOS users before the end of the year).
  • A new "search" feature that allows mobile users to create look-ups with up to ten fields, and save them for user later
  • Use Handheld Contact to send email blasts to your look-ups (records these emails to contact History, as well)
  • User Interface (UI) enhancements to further replicate the Act! experience on the mobile
  • Take photos and attach them a contact and sync it back to your database (release date may be a little later for this feature, but it's developed)
  • A new "Favourites" button that will allow users to quickly access the contacts they call the most, while preserving the Act! History tracking users have come to rely on.

Long Term Changes
As welcome as some of these new features are, we think Handheld Contact users will love what will be included in our long term road map, as well. Handheld Contact has played a vital "organizer" role with it's users worldwide for years, and it has contributed to some phenomenal loyalty, but our vision is something more - something much more.

We envision Handheld Contact as a mobile CRM extension of Act!, allowing users to manage almost all sections of their Act! databases with their mobile device. Features such as Companies, Groups, and even Opportunities that were previously unavailable to Handheld Contact users, we hope to introduce in the first half of 2017 as a Premium product. Moreover customer requested features like Business Card Scanning functionality, route management for multiple contacts in a map, and enhanced synching capabilities, as well.

Our combined team is extremely pumped about the direction we're going both as a team and as a product, as well as the energy and resources being applied to realise our vision of becoming the most essential "Actcessory" in the industry.

The future is so orange, we have to wear shades.


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