23 July 2021

After 16-months of isolation, the world of business is opening up, and we’re beginning to venture out of our homes and offices again. With this newfound mobility, though, comes some familiar challenges – and chief amongst them for road warrors is being able to communicate with customers while on the road.

The use case is simple. Imagine being on the road and getting word a shipment is delayed, a product price has increased, or a promotion is ending early. You need to notify a group of people immediately, and can’t just pull-out your laptop to prepare a mail merge – hoping there is WiFi access nearby. While one-to-one emails & SMS’s are easy, broadcasting messages by SMS or email to a group of people from mobile devices is not. That was until now.

With the next update of Handheld Contact, our users will have access to the new “mail merge” feature - expected out in Android and IOS, for both API and Classic before the end of July.

The merge mail workflow couldn't be easier or more intuitive. With HHC and your mobile device, users are guided through a simple wizard to get their message out to any number of recipients (subject to provider limits). Simply click “Mail Merge” from the popup menu on the Dashboard to get started, and follow the following steps.

  1. Choose the method (Email or SMS)
  2. Choose the audience (cherry pick amongst the contact list or select a “Saved Search” – which is similar to Groups in Act!)
  3. If email is selected, you’ll then be prompted to choose how you want the recipients included in the email – in the CC, BCC, or in the To line (select “Skip” for the last option)
  4. Compose Message
  5. Send Message

Your message is now sent out to the people who need to see it, and all their contact histories are updated accordingly. (see illustration below)

hhc mailmerge flow

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