21 July 2021
This morning we uploaded a new HHC Classic console to www.handheldcontact.com. While more updates are planned in the coming weeks, the changes included with this version are as follows:
  • Fixed parsing html strings for Notes, Histories, and activity details
  • New branding colours and images
The new console (v4.3.2.0) is available for download now, and will require a resend of all data to fix the formatting issues with Notes, Histories, and Activity details.

More updates to the Classic and API mobile apps are coming next week (subject to beta testing).
These changes include the following:

HHC API changes:
  • Formatting changes that fix rtf/html tags for N/H and activities
  • Login validation improved
  • Rebranded Quick Tasks as "Reminders"
  • Added option to type text in fields with drop-down
  • Added Mailmerge feature (easy mail merge to email or SMS from your device)
HHC Classic changes:
  • New modern UI look (consistent with the API application)
  • Added Reminders (rebranding from Quick Tasks)
  • Added Mailmerge feature (easy mail merge to email or SMS from your device)
  • Added Dashboard screen and ability to switch between Home and Dashboard as a main screen style

Please look for details on our soon-to-be-released "Contact Undelete" feature, as well as our QR & Barcode lookup. The QR & Barcode feature will allow you to scan either and convert the results into an instant  contact lookup. 

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