29 October 2017

We are pleased to announce that Handheld Contact 7.3.1, the latest IOS build for Handheld Contact, is now available in the App Store. Like before, it has been submitted as a "soft launch", meaning you may not see it amongst your available program updates on your iPhone or iPad.

The 7.3.1 build includes bug fixes, compatibility updates, and performance improvements. 

To get this latest build, you will have to search for "Handheld Contact" in the App Store (do NOT download "Handheld Contact Legacy" or attempt to update Legacy with this build), and click "Get" to download and update to the latest version. If you see the "Open" option instead of "Get", you will need to delete the Handheld Contact program from your device, and reinstall the software with this latest build.

Please note this latter step will require a resend-all data from your HHC computer software.

If you are using the Android version of our software, this issue does not concern you.

Quick Notes:

  • If after a resend-all, you notice activities with "null" values in your task list or calendar, simply do a hard close of the HHC app, and then re-launch Handheld Contact. A hard close is done by double-clicking on the Home button, and swiping away the open HHC app, which will fully close it.
  • We have received reports of the monthly calendar not displaying details of activities in certain regions like Germany and the UK. We're working with regional testers to resolve this issue. 
  • When doing a resend-all, please be careful to not let the device time out before the initial download finishes. This can lead to incomplete sync results.
  • As mentioned in previous posts, there is no upgrade path from HHC Legacy. If you're using the legacy version and wish to upgrade, please delete that app, install 7.3.1, and resend all data. Running both apps on one device can lead to data integrity issues.
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