17 September 2020

In an unexpected move yesterday, Apple released iOS 14 with one days notice. With this update we discovered a bug in Handheld Contact Classic and API versions causing them to crash on launch.

This problem did not happen with the Beta versions of IOS14 that we tested on our simulators, so it was exciting to discover this issue in production yesterday.

The good news is last night we fixed the issue and submitted updates to Apple, and we confirmed this morning both have been approved and are now widely available on Apple App Store. Customers who updated their devices to IOS 14 will need to upgrade their Handheld Contact software to stop the crashing from happening.

The updated version numbers will be v8.6.0 for Classic and 1.1.1 for API. Please note that no changes/updates are required with the Windows Console for Classic users. Android users of HHC are unaffected.

Thank you.

The Handheld Contact Team


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