21 July 2020

Back in March when Handheld Contact API for IOS was released, many quickly asked "what about Android?"

Well, we're happy to report that Handheld Contact API for Android is now in beta and we expect it to be released in the first half of August (subject to beta feedback, of course). The API version is our newest mobile client, which syncs directly to the master Act! database for faster updates of more data, across more devices at no extra cost. Like the IOS client, these are the features Android customer can look forward to:

  • Wireless syncing of contacts, calendars, task lists, opportunities, notes & histories
  • Fast setup with no computer software to install or configure
  • No Windows Console needed, syncs directly with master database using the Act! WebAPI
  • No contact limit
  • Sync with multiple devices per account
  • New Dashboard
  • Modern new look

Like the IOS client released in march, this version syncs through the Act! WebAPI, and as such requires and Act! susbcription. Customers with Act! Pro or any perpetual license of Premium are not eligible. Stay tuned for more beta developments and product demo announcements, but we're confident Android users will soon have an exciting new syncing option for their mobile devices - Handheld Contact API for Android!

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