22 September 2017

As the President of Handheld Contact,  wanted to update all our resellers on some HHC developments.

Today we will be compiling our next HHC build for IOS, namely version 7.3, and submitting it to both internal and external testing. Depending on the feedback we receive, we intend to release this new build next week. However, to avoid disrupting our customers any further, we have submitted to Apple a product called "Handheld Contact Legacy", which is the old 7.1.2 build that was in production before the upgrade (please note, Apple rules require us to brand this release 1.0).

Make no mistake, we're absolutely committed to the upgrade roadmap we're on, but we don't wish to rush our testing, or inconvenience our customers any more than we already have. Bottom line is we're giving them the choice of which product to use, and choice is always good.

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