23 March 2020

A few notes about the Act! WebAPI that impact Handheld Contact – API that resellers should be aware of when supporting their clients:

  • Depending on your Hosting provider, your API address may be <database URL>-API/act.web.api or it may be <database URL>/act.web.api. If you’re using Swiftpage hosting, please add the former option.
  • The WebAPI cannot detect if a contact has been added dynamically to a group, only if that same contact record is edited in anyway. To combat this, we made HHC check the quantity of contacts in a group, and its 5+ more than the device, it will prompt to resend all contacts (contacts only). Since this process is so blazingly fast, 10K records might take 2-3 minutes only
  • The WebAPI has no end-point to track when activities are deleted in Act!, so best to clear them as “incomplete” or try to delete them in HHC
  • The WebAPI has no end-point to track when Contacts are deleted in Act!, so best to delete them in HHC
  • The absence of true Webhooks prevents us from receiving instant updates from Act! through the WebAPI. Hopefully this will be supported in the near future, but for now a manual sync is required to fetch them
  • API BUG: the date of note must be the same as the date the note is recorded. So if you record a note on Thursday and try to save it for another date, it will stay on Thursday

Please note that if you wish to trial the Handheld Contact - API, a new API account must be created HERE with a different email address than the one you're using for Classic. If you wish to use the same email address, your Classic account will have to be deleted first.

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