Three major updates released for HHC

Handheld Contact is pleased to announce three separate releases today - separate builds for both Android and IOS, and an update to our Windows Console, all of which represent the biggest across the board upgrade to our subscription offerings in over a year.These changes are as follows:Handheld Contact Windows Console - version bug affecting French users who were unable to open the application after some Windows updatesFixed bug with validation of selected history typesFixed bug...

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Critical Act! Licensing Update

As a Handheld Contact subscriber, we have some very important information to share with you which will affect your ability to continue to use Act! in the future.A few weeks ago, we received notice from Swiftpage that an embedded third party licensing service that has worked within Act! since 2005 will cease to operate after December 31st, 2018. The company that owns this service, named “protexis”, has decided to shut down their activation servers on this date, and have advised their...

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HHC 8.2 for IOS expected out today

We are very excited to announce the release of HHC 8.2, the latest IOS build for Handheld Contact.After 5-months of development and testing, this new build includes the following new features:Ability to trigger "Resend All Data" from deviceVisibility of all device sync history, allowing users to see what data was included in the last sync, as well as the last 24 and 48 hoursNotes & Histories data technology was upgraded to more than double the download speed to the deviceAdded...

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HHC computer application build, version is now released

New Handheld Contact computer application build, version is now released. Changes in this build:   * Better syncing performance   * Fixed issue with emoji characters causing parsing problems   * Fixed issue with Advanced settings not initializing properly in some cases   * Minor bug fixes and improvements

Handheld Contact for Android v3.1.3.0 is available on Google Play

Handheld Contact for Android v3.1.3.0- Added ability to choose whether to save history from incoming calls to Act! or not- Added ability to choose how to set date/time of the history when activity is cleared- Better handling of incoming phone numbers- Fixed bug where history of incoming calls was saved with last opened contact instead with My record- Fixed bug where in rare cases contact details were not refreshed after deleting phone number - Fixed bug where deleted items were showing in...

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